Grover Cleveland School

Grover Cleveland School

Grover Cleveland School 3121 West Byron Historical profile by Julia S. Bachrach Grover Cleveland School is considered one of the finest designs produced under the leadership of renowned Prairie style architect Dwight H. Perkins. “There is dignity and repose in the design” suggests Prairie School historian H. Allen Brooks “…it is monumental without being formidable.” […]

Alfred Nobel Elementary School

Nobel School 4127 W. Hirsch Street Historical profile by Julia S. Bachrach In 1909, The American School Board Journal described Dwight H. Perkins’s plans for the new Alfred Nobel School as a national model for modern school design. Published prior to the school’s completion, the article explained that the 26-classroom structure would have six additional […]

Ravenswood Elementary School

Ravenswood Elementary School 4332 North Paulina Street Historical profile by Elizabeth A. Patterson Ravenswood Elementary School has been a focal point of the surrounding community for nearly 150 years. In 1869, a group of real estate speculators known as the Ravenswood Land Company platted the Village of Ravenswood on farmland and wooded acreage north of […]

Bernhard Moos School

Bernhard Moos School 1711 N. California Avenue Historical profile by Julia S. Bachrach Located in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, Bernhard Moos School held an assembly in 2002, when historian Emily Rose came for a visit. Rose asked: “Do you know what an immigrant is?” (1) The students replied yes. She then asked whether they knew […]

Henry Demarest Lloyd School

Henry Demarest Lloyd School 2103 North Lamon Avenue Historical profile by Julia S. Bachrach When Dwight H. Perkins took over as the Chicago Public Schools’ head architect in 1905, the city’s population was surging. The president of the Board of Education suggested that Chicago’s demographic changes “are so rapid and uncertain that the construction of […]