Schools Listed Alphabetically

Ariel Community Academy / North Kenwood Oakland Charter Elementary School (formerly Shakespeare School)

Augustus H. Burley Elementary School

Grover Cleveland Elementary School

Daniel J. Corkery Elementary School

EPIC Academy Charter High School (formerly Sullivan Elementary School)

Jose De Diego Elementary School (formerly Tuley High School)

Stephen K. Hayt Elementary School

Theodore Herzl School

Emil G. Hirsch School

Lake View High School

Albert G. Lane Technical High School

Lindblom Math and Science Academy

Henry Demarest Lloyd School

Bernhard Moos Elementary School

Louis Nettelhorst Elementary School

Alfred Nobel Elementary School

Isabelle O’Keeffe Elementary School

Helen C. Peirce School of International Studies

Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Pilsen Community Academy (originally Frank J. Jirka School)

Al Raby High School for Community and Environment (formerly Lucy Flower Vocational School)

Ravenswood School

William H. Ray Elementary School

Ruben Salazar Elementary Bilingual Center (formerly North Division High School and Sexton Elementary School)

Nicholas Senn High School

Mark Sheridan Math and Science Academy

Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School

Lyman Trumbull Elementary School

Alexander von Humboldt Elementary School (also housed Ana Roque de Duprey Elementary School from 2008-2012)

James Ward Elementary School

Richard Yates School