George D. Tesch (1891–?)

George D. Tesch served as a Chicago Board of Education staff architect for many years. Born in New Jersey, Tesch practiced architecture in Ohio for a few years before arriving in Chicago. Hired by the Board of Education in 1921, Tesch worked under the supervision of John C. Christensen and Edgar D. Martin, when the […]

Alexander von Humboldt Elementary School

Alexander von Humboldt Elementary School 2622 West Hirsch Avenue Historical profile by Julia S. Bachrach and Bill Latoza In May of 2013, when the Chicago Board of Education made a final decision to shutter fifty schools throughout the city, Alexander Von Humboldt School was the only one to receive a split vote. Several months earlier, […]

Wendell Phillips Academy High School

Wendell Phillips Academy High School 244 East Pershing Boulevard Historical profile by Elizabeth A. Patterson An imposing building by William Bryce Mundie, Wendell Phillips Academy High School sits at the corner of East Pershing Boulevard and South Prairie Avenue, near the southern edge of Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood. Established in 1904 and named for an abolitionist, […]

Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School

Edward Tilden Career Community Academy High School 4747 South Union Avenue Historical profile by Elizabeth A. Patterson Located on Chicago’s south side in the New City neighborhood, Tilden Career Community Academy High School had its beginnings as Lake High School. The original sixteen-room Lake High building was constructed in the 1880s to serve the needs […]

Lindblom Math and Science Academy (formerly Lindblom Technical High School)

Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy High School (formerly Robert Lindblom Technical High School) 6130 South Wolcott Avenue Historical profile by Bill Latoza Located on an entire city block in the West Englewood neighborhood, Lindblom is one of the most impressive and monumental high schools in Chicago. Designed by Arthur F. Hussander, the building exemplifies some of […]

Lake View High School

Lake View High School 4015 North Ashland Avenue Historic profile by Elizabeth A. Patterson Lake View High School is often called “Chicago’s oldest public high school,” although this description is somewhat misleading, as the school was not located within Chicago at the time of its founding. The oldest remaining portion of the current high school […]