This website is devoted to the rich architectural and social history of Chicago’s public schools. It reflects several years of research but remains a work in progress.  Our goal has been to identify and document a range of historical schools representing various periods, architects, and neighborhoods.

Due to the complexity of the topic and the vast number of buildings, our list is by no means comprehensive.  As we continue to pursue this endeavor, we hope guest bloggers will contribute essays that broaden an understanding of the architectural and social history of Chicago’s schools.  We also encourage readers to ask questions and make suggestions as we continue to explore the rich themes related to this fascinating topic.

When viewing photographs of schools on this site, you can click on the image to see a full-screen version. For a more information about this project and the team behind it, please see About this website.

Photograph: Funston Elementary School, 1908. Courtesy of Bill Latoza.